SMM  Chatendente

Developed using Facebook official API

El más revolucionario y completo software de marketing del mundo para Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp y otras redes sociales desarrollado con API oficiales.

Capturar, comunicar, comprometervender a MILLIONS of people on social networks

Using drag and drop chatbots, auto posts, auto comments, and auto private reply technology …

¡All from a single dashboard!

Features AWESOME

Messaging ChatBot

Configure the messaging chatbot with the Flow Builder to respond 24/7.

Live Chat

View, manage, and respond to conversations with your Facebook and Instagram subscribers from a single live chat dashboard.

Self Comments

Keyword-based response, generic response to Facebook and Instagram page post comments.

How does this app work?

It is very few steps to connect your Facebook and Instagram account and make this app work for you.

Connect Facebook account in just a few clicks.

By clicking the “Login with Facebook” button, you will be prompted to allow access to import your Facebook and Instagram account, then enable the chatbot for the page you want to automate and you are good to go.

You can comment on your own post once or multiple times.

You can save your comments as a template and use them whenever you want. The recurring feature will allow you to randomly or serially comment by taking content from the template frequently and at a time interval from start to finish.

Automatically reply to your Facebook post based on the comment content, you can also hide/delete any offensive comments.

You can save your answers as templates and use them whenever you want.

You can configure the messaging chatbot for Facebook and Instagram with the visual Flow Builder or with the Classic Builder.

Your messaging will work automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Just create the text/image/video/link content you want to post.

Publish it now or schedule it to publish later, you can also set scheduled recurring to publish the same content periodically, for days, months, years.

Choose the most convenient plan for you.






¿Qué tan fácil es usar Chatendente?

Chatendente es fácil de usar tanto para principiantes como para expertos. ¡Tan fácil como arrastrar y soltar!

¿Chatendente es compatible con Windows y Mac?

Chatendente es compatible con todos los dispositivos tanto en Windows como en Mac. Está alojado al 100% en la nube para que pueda trabajar desde cualquier lugar con esta poderosa herramienta.

Will I receive training or support for my questions?

Absolutely. Our team of experts is available to you within minutes to resolve any questions or issues you may have instantly.

¿Necesito descargar e instalar Chatendente?

Not at all. You can access it in any web browser, so you don't have to download or install anything.

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